SEO- Seach Engine Optimization | What is Seo?

What is SEO?

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is known as the method of optimization where you optimize your content online in a free and organic manner so that the search engines will show your indexed content when someone searches for it.

So, what does SEO even mean!
Let’s break the above definition for better understanding suppose you are optimizing your content for the keyword “marketing” then you will do SEO for that keyword online and when Google or any other search engine recognizes your content as the quality content it will rank you on the top probably.


Therefore if someone searches for “marketing” on Google it will show your content on the top. The image below shows how Google shows results.

SEO Results

In a search engine the top ranking sites get all the clicks, the website ranking on #1 for that keyword in above image Marketing the first website will get more than 70-80% audience and 20% other second and third rank website, so you optimize your website to get that first position in a search engine.

Types of SEO


On-Page SEO
This type of Seo is done in what is visual to the audience you optimize your content, images, grammar in this so that when a user comes to your website they find the most optimized content considering they stay and surf your web page for a while.

On-Page Seo includes:

Title Tags; Title tags are the title or the main label of you content that is going to be displayed on the search engine and in the page itself, it is the Head Line on which you can click to open the content. This is included in META TAGS as Meta Title.

Meta Description; it is the main description which shows a little summary of the content inside the page it is displayed just below the Title so that people would know what is inside it is the main aspect of SEO so make sure that it is interesting enough.

H1-H6 Tags; The <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define HTML headings. H1 is the big heading used in your content and H6, on the other hand, is least important and the smallest size of a heading you can also use your keywords for making it more SEO friendly.

ALT Tags; they are also known as ALT Attribute or Image Tags basically it is a tag given to an image in your online content so that if the image cannot be displayed its alt tag will be there for the users, therefore, it is important to include alt tags in every image.

Keywords; Selection and Placement of the keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that the people who enter something in a search engine that particular word or phrase is called keyword. Like “marketing” in above image is a keyword. Keywords are necessary for a website so that people can find your content.

Internal Links; these are the highlighted URLs to the other page or the same page which can be used to drive traffic these links can be used in images or even words or sentences.

UNIQUE CONTENT; last but not the least is you should have your own content not copied or duplicate but you own unique relevant content it is the most important thing.

Off-Page SEO

This is a part of Digital Marketing where backlinks come in Backlinks in the sense that how many people are linking to you. If a search engine lets say Google crawls your website and finds out that people are linking to you then it will recognize you that it is a good website because people are linking to it thus, it will get you a higher ranking.

Off-page SEO includes:

Backlinks; it means when you receive a link back from a webpage, website or a web directory. Backlinks are very necessary to show a search engine that your online content is good and relevant for the people because many of the resources are linking to it.

SiteMaps; it is a document or a chart that shows all the pages or URLs on your website that will help the users and the search engines to navigate through the website. Sitemaps are necessary to have a good ranking in a search engine.

Social Media; these are the applications or websites that will help you in promoting your website so that people can come to your content by Social media.

Search Engine Submission; it means submitting your online content or website into the search engines so that they can crawl (check the content) and start ranking it accordingly.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

You know that everything has their two sides one good and one bad, there is also in SEO too White Hat SEO you can say it is a good and relevant way of doing Seo and Black Hat SEO it is the bad side of Seo that will, unfortunately, bring you down. Here are some of the reasons why:

White Hat SEO
In this type of optimization, you optimize your online content or website in a good and respectable way that means trying to improve your site rankings while maintaining the integrity of your content and staying within the search engine terms of service.

It means posting a Unique, fresh and relevant content not copying or duplicating some other content, trying to get links from relevant sources not bad or poor quality links.

Optimizing your content’s image labels and using relevant page titles and tags while keeping the natural keyword density which is not overusing your keyword in your content so many times.

If you do this while following the search engine’s guidelines that means you are practicing White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat is the total opposite of the White Hat in this you refer to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines. This usually means you re doing bad stuff and not caring about your audience.

You try to post duplicate content, do keyword stuffing in which using the keyword so many times to get more ranking in search engine, doing Link Farming and using so many links to get to your content.

Cloaking or redirecting users to other websites and using spammy Blog Commenting strategies. These all are the Black Hat Seo strategies.

Tip: if you still want to do Black Hat also try to keep it in the least amount of use and spend your time and effort in White Hat more.