Amar KakkarHi there! I am Amar Kakkar

I am the founder and owner of this website 2 years have passed since I got into digital marketing and working since then, little by little I got to know that how online world works that what is SEO, how to make money online, affiliate marketing and advertising through Adwords, Adsense, Facebook, Instagram and so many more platforms.

I learned so many things along the way and build up my hacks and strategies, then I decided that it is time to share my experience with others so the best way to teach digital marketing is through digital marketing, sharing SEO tricks through SEO therefor you can check that this website is Legit or not for yourself.

I myself follow some great experts out there and try to implement what they present and they share some great strategies but sometimes they don’t work for us as they work for them so I will try to make things easier for you to get maximum conversion online.

If you made it this far “which is not that far” thanks for that and If you have any questions be sure to ask by contacting me below, I will try my best to get back to you.